Become a Board Member

Thank you for your interest in joining the Greater Victoria Women’s Shelter Society! We are a small group of women with shared commitments to non-hierarchical, feminist based processes of decision making. We value the contributions of women from different backgrounds and with different skills. If you believe in these principles, you may want to consider joining the board!

We generally look for women who can commit to at least two years with the organization and who have flexibility for monthly meetings, as well as 5-10 hours a month for various projects. Additionally, we look for women who have shared values around safe housing, ending violence against women, consensus decision making, and understanding inequality from a intersectional, feminist perspective. 

We’re looking for diverse representation, including a variety of abilities, skills and experiences. 

If you are a self-identified woman or non-binary person who shares our values and is willing to work collaboratively, we’d love to hear from you! 

Potential Board Members will share our commitment to breaking the cycle of violence and our concern about the lack of affordable safe housing. This commitment to the community and concern for such issues as poverty and violence against women is more important than related work experience or previous Board experience. We are also looking for people with experience in these areas: finance, fundraising, social work, housing, nursing, community development, and poverty advocacy. The GVWSS Board values the knowledge and experience that board members from different backgrounds can contribute.

Our goal is to provide a safe place where women’s values are accepted and respected.

A five year old is smiling and hugging their mom, whose back is to the viewer

Board structure and membership

We operate as a non-hierarchical Board. Our board is 6-10 members, mostly directors at large who are all involved in all decision making through an informal consensus process. There are a number of informal and formal roles that board members can take on. Specific or project based roles may arise as needed, such as fundraising and bargaining. Formal roles currently consist of: Treasurer, Secretary, Staff Liaison, and Chair (for bylaw purposes only). 

Board members work closely and collaboratively with the MLH staff, who attend most board meetings. 

Board Members are expected to commit to at least a two year term of service and must reside in the Victoria Capital Regional District. Board meetings are held monthly and an AGM is held in the second half of each fiscal year. 

How to become a board member

Step One: Email the GVWSS () to express your interest, ask questions and inquire if we are currently seeking new board members. 

Step Two: Write a letter explaining why you are interested in a position as a Board Member and what you feel you can contribute to the Society. Send your letter of interest and your CV to .

Step Three: Meet with a minimum of two current Board Members to discuss your interest and how you would like to contribute to the Society.